Cultural Engagement Goal

Artifact 1: Impact Stories

Artifact 2: Supply Chain

Overall Reflection Statement:

Overall, these were were some of the easiest things to recreate. I wish I had the opportunity to go into the local communities myself to see the impact of the work that is being done, instead of just hearing stories and collecting information. Same with the supply chain. Until there is a form location of where we will be going, it is hard to nail down a specific recreation of how to minister in a way that Hope does.

Learning Reflection Statement:

I did learn from this! Particularly in the recreation of the supply chain issues in Europe. It was a valuable experience tracking down how we get our coffee, and what to do with it after it has been shipped. It was like a big puzzle that needed to have the pieces fall into place. Finding those pieces and making them fit was a good lesson to learn.

Lifelong Leanring Statement:

Both of these were helpful for my ministry moving forward. I was able to learn how to collect stories and present them in a meaningful way, and how to track down things from a logistical standpoint so that I can get the supplies that would be needed to run a successful shop in Europe!