Communication Goal

Artifact 1: Blog

Artifact 2: Outline

Artifact 3: - Unable as presentation is on hold until vision trip happens

Overall Reflection Statement:

Writing is hard work... specifically, coming up with content is hard work! The benefit is real, but actually doing it on a consistent basis, especially with the distractions of life and school can be discouraging.

Learning Reflection Statement:

I learned a lot through trying to blog consistently. The primary thing learned is that I am not a blogger. At least not on a 'publish twice a month schedule' kind of blogger. This may have been due to having to write assignments for school, and other distractions that came up throughout the year. But I found it impossible to keep up any consistency with blogging and ultimately just failed. I think that I will have more success in the future if I do not confine myself to 'x' posts per month, and instead let ideas come naturally and let them develop in their own time. Writing the outline for the missions presentation was not difficult, but another let down as I had hoped to have a manuscript ready. Unfortunately, that is not possible yet as a great number of details about the presentation are yet to be answered until we can get to Europe (in January hopefully) and make those decisions to fill in the gaps.

Lifelong Development Statement:

This is still a skill that I want to improve on. Writing on topics that inspire me. I just need to realize that inspiration cannot be forced, and especially not on any kind of set time table. If I were to try and hold myself to that rigid of a schedule, my work would suffer, and I would burn out quickly, as happened this year.