Christian Leadership

Artifact 1: Doctrinal Statement

Artifact 2: Additional Statements

Artifact 3: Discipleship Plan

Artifact 4: Create Hope Website

Overall Reflection Statement:

This was an interesting process, one that I am glad to have gone through. If for no other reason, just learning the process of creating these kinds of documents is invaluable. Also being able to learn how the play into an organizations development and mission was important.

Learning Reflection Statement:

I learned a lot about this process. I had a very limited view of the importance of some of these documents, which can provide a lot of legal protection to the organization as a Christian non profit. They provide a framework of conduct and agreed beliefs that all employees must adhere too. It also was a great learning experience going through the process of developing them. From first draft, to revision, double checking references, getting first level approval, then getting board level approval. learning how to create the documents and get them approved was invaluable.

Lifelong Development Statement:

I will carry the skills and knowledge that I gained from this process into my own business that is missionally oriented. They not only provide legal protection, but also guiding principles and agreed terms and doctrines that people can get behind and move forward together in the pursuit of sharing the gospel.

Create Hope Reflection: This was perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of my entire internship, and also the thing that I spent the most time working on. It was a rewarding experience to create (no pun intended) the process for someone to become a missionary through hope. It was 100x more work than I had ever imagined. The website itself does not show how much work goes into creating a sending agency, nor should it. It also does not show an actual application because at this point of the agency we are attempting to keep it small, and offer the application to known people who are familiar with HOPE and its mission. This may change at some point in the future, but as of now we are keeping it as an 'invite only' so to speak. By the grace of God, my wife and I are in the process to be the first commissioned missionaries with Create Hope.